At Aussie OnSite we offer a complete range of services, from general computer maintenance to upgrading and expanding networks. We are Brisbane based with an office located in Brendale) and service Pine Rivers and the general South East Queensland area.


We offer speedy, hassel-free and reliable on-site work with a guarantee on all work done. With over 25 years experience in the computer support industry we feel we can give you the right advice and support at the right price.


Using brand new cutting-edge hardware we can can upgrade your computer from anything as little as a memory upgrade to a full system upgrade.


We offer both new built to specification and refurbished computers to expand your business, with quick setup and installation ensuring that your business doesn’t outgrow it’s IT needs.


With prices constantly decreasing on computer hardware, servers have become a viable solution for even small to medium businesses. Servers offer reliability, speed, user collaboration (with applicable software) and simpler backup solutions.

When a server is setup correctly with terminal services, a server can be logged in from anywhere with a computer and a reliable Internet connection allowing work to be done from home, on a work trip or even from two seperate business locations to collaborate data.


Computers tend to become more sluggish and bug ridden the more you use them, especially if you install a lot of software, we have various techniques to help speed up your computer.


Computer failure is unfortunately a part of life, data can be accidently deleted or corrupted and hardware is never truly reliable no matter how much money you spend on it. We offer a completely automated and customised backup solution for both personal and business purposes. Nightly backups are recommended to an external storage device for critical data and weekly backups to an external server.