Harie Godden started with the Z80 CPU and CPM Operating System development in Queensland. Having been involved in computing since 1986, has over 25 years experience in the local industry. He was appointed as a dealer for the fore-runner of Am-Win in 1990, and the State Distributor for SIM in 1996. He has extensive experience in the networking industry and from his current involvement with Popular Personal Computers and Aussie Onsite, he is well known to many key industry players.

From his prior commitments as an onsite repair person Harie has recently completed two (2) long term computer maintenance contracts with Australia Post and Technisys. Previously he has been a major driving force in onsite warranties, maintenance, hardware and software service organisations in Queensland. Almost single handled he succeeded in getting Warranty Assistance Australia up and running, and had been a key developer of the Australia Wide Warranty dealer sales and repairer network in Queensland.

Harie’s earlier experience was in hardware and software consulting to business and then computer retail store ownership and management while conducting a computer manufacturing and wholesale business in Brisbane’s Silicon Valley (Milton). Harie does not believe in paying “lip service” to customer service. He firmly and strongly believes in the business philosophy of “the customer is always right”, He plays a substantial role in SIM2000, Am-Win and Aussie OnSite’s marketing and future direction.